About Us

Founded in the year 2020 to provide a wide range of quality products with special emphasis on after-sales service support, today “SERMENT LIFESCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED”, has become a well-recognized name in the trading a superior quality Laboratory Equipment & Consumables. Widely used in Pharma, Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Research labs, and Health care units, these are appreciated for accurate output, high performance and efficiency, safe and easy application, durability, and low maintenance. Through high quality, integrity, innovation, and commitment.

Laboratory Glassware

Adapter, Beaker, Bottles, Reagent Bottles, Burette, Automatic Burette, Columns, Condensers, Crucibles, Cylinders, Desiccators, Dishes, Petri Dishes, Disposable Glassware, Disposable Culture Tubes, Pasteur Pipette, Distillation, Extraction Apparatus, Filtration Assembly, Flasks, Conical Flask, Dissolution Vessel, Volumetric Flask, Funnels, Joints, Pipettes, Stopcocks, Stoppers, Tubes, Test Tubes, Tube centrifuge, Utility Sets, Vials.


Mini Centrifuge, Digital Overhead Stirrer, Heating Mantle, Hotplate with Magnetic Stirrer, Incubator Shaker, Magnetic Strirrer, Multi Position Stirrer, Orbital Shaker, Roller Mixer, Shakers.


Beaker Plastic, Flasks Plastic, Box, Plastic Bottle, Plastic Centrifuge Tube, Plastic Cryo Vial, Plastic Cylinder, Plastic Funnel, Rack, Screw Thread, Hose Connection.


Rubber Adapter, Rubber Mat, Rubber Teats, Rubber Cork, Rubber Sheets, Rubber Tube Safety Burner, Rubber Tubing Straight.


Boss Head, Burette Clamp, Burner, Forceps, Retort Ring, Retort Clamp, Retort Stand, Spatula.

Liquid Handling

Micropipettes, Bottle Top Dispenser, Universal Graduated Tips, Pipette Stand, Reloading Tray.

Water Distillation

Single Stage, Double Stage, Cabinet Still, Water Softener.

Lab Essentials

Gloves, Parafilm M Dispenser, Stirrer, Weighing Scoops, Cones, Neutral Watch Glass, Box Slide.

Quartz Glassware